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Mets Citi Field Baseball Birthday Cake


Step up to the plate and celebrate with the baseball enthusiast in your life! This meticulously crafted custom cake masterpiece resembles the iconic Citi Field, home of the Mets, complete with the stadium's distinctive red brickwork and arched windows. Atop the stadium tier rests an elegant black top hat, personalized with the name "Elijah" in bold white letters, symbolizing a tip of the hat to the celebrated individual. Crowned by a lusciously red, fondant apple with the Mets logo, this cake captures the spirit of New York baseball. A baseball, along with trading card replicas, accentuates the theme, making this cake a memorable centerpiece for any fan's special occasion. Each element is handcrafted with precision, from the fondant baseball seams to the edible print of the Mets emblem, ensuring your celebration is a hit out of the park!